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2007 Lighthouse
2007 Lighthouse


The project involved the construction of two 7-storey apartment blocks, containing 156 units, above the podium slab of the Gateway Development. The reinforced concrete walls and floors were cast using a permanent formwork panel system.
Pairs of assembled formwork panels, complete with steel reinforcement, were fabricated off-site. Mechanical and electrical installation was carried out on site before the panels were filled with self-compacting concrete. The off-site operations meant that the structure was completed in a much shorter period then would have been possible with conventional methods.
The fact that the formwork was permanent meant that the 2nd fix and decoration works commenced immediately, independently of the main structure and of the outer skin.

Key Facts / Information:

Client Brentforth Developments      
Architect CPM Architecture
Civil / Structural Engineers CPM Engineering
Services Engineer EDP
Location East Wall Road, Dublin 3
Duration 24 months
Value £20,000,000